Washroom Hygiene Deep Cleans

In most cases cleaners address only the surfaces that can be seen, as often they do not have the time to spend on the root causes of the hygiene issues which cause the odours.

Select Hygiene are the experts on providing hygiene solutions. As Select Hygiene is owned and operated by Borg Facility Services, a company that provides high end cleaning services to those who demand the best, fully understand the necessity of periodical deep cleans of washrooms through our washroom hygiene treatment program.

Urinals and toilets that are poorly maintained, can manifest some harmful bad bacteria thus causing malodours.

These bad bacteria are commonly found on surfaces contaminated by faucal matter including cistern buttons, door handles, taps, basins etc. Our hygiene treatment services will rid these bacteria’s and pungent odours, which will in turn create a fresh smelling washroom.

Our hygiene treatment program will remove uric acid build up particularly in the urinals and surrounding areas, including deep down the drainpipe. Often odours manifest from these areas. Once cleaned and sanitised the odours will be removed.

We also offer an intensive deep clean service of your entire washroom, using our steam treatment method. Hot steam, chemical in some cases and water extraction unit cleans and sanitises all your washroom surfaces including:

– Door & door vents
– Walls & cubical partitions
– Tiles & grout
– Showers
– Urinals & toilets
– Wash basins & taps

Choosing our hygiene treatment service will go way beyond what day to day cleaners can achieve and will restore your washroom to a hygienic standard.

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