Premium Scenting

Enhance your customer experience and brand with our range of premium scenting and odour control solutions. Create a unique and memorable experience for your staff, customers and visitors.

With the ever-demanding environment for brands competing in the marketplace, Select Hygiene premium scenting solutions can make a statement. By taking your air freshening from out of the washroom and into the reception, lobby, office, corridor, meeting rooms, and virtually anywhere can evoke a multi-sensory feeling increasing your brand’s impact. Smell is the most prominent of all our senses. Accordingly, memories recalled by smell are significantly more responsive. With premium scenting you can build on the memories of scent, promoting your brand through your special unique fragrance.

Premium scenting is perfect for hotels, retail store, restaurants, convention centres, shopping centres, exhibition halls, branding store, vehicle dealerships, pet stores, residential lobbies, commercial buildings, among many others.

Installation Options
– Central Air Conditioning System – Return Air Duct
– Non-Central Air-conditioner – Air Outlet
– Wall Mounted

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