Premium Scenting and Odour Control

Enhance your brand with our range of premium scenting and odour control solutions. Create a unique and memorable experience for your staff, customers and visitors.

Air Hygiene
The use of air fresheners, air purifiers and scenting solutions is synonymous and common in washroom applications. Select Hygiene has taken this to another level, by providing this service outside the washroom. By providing this service to your facility reassures your staff, customers and visitors that you are providing a clean and hygienic environment for all to enjoy.

Our range of air hygiene and premium scenting solutions are designed to meet your business demands, whether providing a unique, pleasurable experience, or to neutralize strong odours. No matter what your objectives are, we have a solution for you.

Air Freshener
Our fragrance has an anti-bacterial formulation with odour neutralizer to eliminate all types of bad odour. Premium quality perfumes are sourced from the UK giving you the very best solution for your hygiene needs. Our cans are CFC free, ozone friendly aerosol cans for our air fresh spray dispensers.

Our air fresheners are fully programable and can be scheduled with varying frequency intervals depending on the environment, days of the week and day period. Our maintenance and delivery schedule are tailored to suit your operational needs.

Servicing includes installation of the air freshener dispenser, refills, cleaning and battery change.

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