Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Our soap and hand sanitiser dispensers are stylish, modern and sleek and come in array of sizes to suit your usage environment. They also come in manual and no touch automatic variants. We tailor our service program carefully to meet your needs, so that you never run out of soap or sanitiser.

Hand Sanitiser Dispensers
– Manual variants come in 1Lt and 1.5Lt
– No touch automatic come in 1.3Lt

– Is a thick anti-bacterial hand sanitiser that kills germs on the skin.
– Contains 73% v/v ethyl alcohol.
– Manufactured in Australia.
– No water needed. Just apply and rub it in.

Mobile Stand & Counter Variants
We can appreciate that space and location can be hard to accommodate at times. With our counter and mobile stand options, hand sanitising can be strategically placed anywhere. A versatile design that can adapt to your environment. The benefits of mobile hand sanitising is that it can be located anywhere where wall mounting is not possible.

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