Hand Dryers

Wet hands are a breading ground for attracting bacteria, contributing to staff sickness and lost productivity. Create a hygienic environment by installing one of our quality hand dryers. We have a premium range of hand dryers to suit any requirement. Our experts will assist you to select the right option based on your budget and performance requirements. Our hand dryers have the best warranty in the industry.

Conventional hand dryers use warm air to evaporate water from hands, take around 30-35 secs, are quieter, cost less to buy but more to run. The new high-speed hand dryers take only around 15 secs, have adjustable noise levels, cost more to buy but much less to run.

Our hand dryers are technology patented for fast and efficient drying by means of high-speed air flow; the best solution for completely removing the water from hands in less than 10 seconds, depending on the model.

Our hand dryers are energy efficiency that results in a cost savings greater than 70% compared to other competition that sells the same type of product, all this while maintaining the quality and including the most applicable certifications. A sustainable product made using recyclable materials. The Speedflow hand drying model has obtained a GreenSpecĀ® certification, which is recommended by many environmental organizations. Products that are easy to maintain and use; but above all, they are user safe.

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