Clinical & Sharps Disposal

Keep a safe and compliant environment for all concerned. Have your clinical and medical waste disposed of in accordance with our environmental management system, which complies with all Australian Environment Protection Authority’s regulations.

Our clinical waste disposal service is a completely safe and economical way of removing all used needle sticks, medical bandages and blood impregnated dressings. Our service will ensure peace of mind whilst ensuring that health and safety standards are met to the highest standards.

Our clinical waste disposal units are yellow in colour, making them easily identifiable, and compliant with legislation and regulations.

Our disposable units come in a variety of sizes:

– 1.6Lt metal sharps container
– 20Lt pail
– 120Lt wheelie bin
– 240Lt wheelie bin

They are designed to prevent anyone from being exposed to unit contaminants.

With every service we replenish your unit with specially formulated granules, that eliminate germs and odours. The granules protect the contaminates within the bin in three ways:

– Strong Bactericide that eliminate germs.
– Strong odour destroying fragrance that deodorizes leaving a fresh citrus scent.
– Strong insecticide to repel germ-transmitting insects like flies.

The bins are lined with a yellow medical waste bag for added safety and hygiene security.

Complete units are removed and replaced with new units at every service unlike many of our competitors.

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