Commercial washroom Equipment & Washroom Supplies

Our vision

  1. To provide essential washroom services and commercial washroom equipment that reflect the highest standards for organisations seeking to enhance their image for their staff and visitors.
  2. To deliver a consistent service & hygiene equipment over and above client expectations.

Our commitment to you

We believe that our commitment to deliver a reliable, consistent and cost efficient washroom hygiene service and places our company well ahead of our competitors to be the best washroom equipment & sanitary bin providers . We have detailed plans to ensure that our main focus always remains on customer satisfaction by providing quality washroom supplies, commercial washroom equipment and services.

Information Technology

By investing and implementing information technology within our organisation, Borg can communicate and report instantaneously, whilst being able to manage and control its customer contracts more efficiently.

Commercial cleaning company We have an integrated system that will substitute manual entries to automated processes in the following areas:

  1. Stock Transfers and Product Orders
  2. Corrective Action Procedures
  3. Additional Jobs
  4. Site Audits and Inspection Reports
  5. Scheduled Periodical Services
  6. Electronic verification of services completed

Service Vehicles

We have a fleet of new and well maintained service vehicles available to transport all washroom service products. They are specifically designed to meet the Commercial washroom hygiene equipment needs of our customers and reflect a well presented image of our company.

All vehicles have tracking devices to monitor service time, location and verification reports, in addition to the PDA reporting information process.

Our detailed planning process allows our service vehicles to transport goods and service products around a programmed route schedule.